Support Flood Victims in Libya

Devastating floods caused by storm Daniel in Northeastern Libya have claimed at least 6,000 lives so far, with more missing and another 30,000 people displaced. Explore how your organization can get involved and support relief efforts.

Your organization can help

In response to the devastating flood in Libya, Goodera has partnered with Global Empowerment Mission to deliver critical support from global businesses like yours to aid disaster relief efforts.

Mobilize your employees for disaster relief in Derna

From assembling essentials for victims to supporting frontline workers, there many ways your team can volunteer through Goodera to provide immediate and long-term relief for the victims.

Virtually, in-person, or both.

Our partner nonprofit delivering relief on ground

Provide safe lighting for affected families
60 Minutes
Ensure menstrual hygiene through amenities
In-Office / Hybrid
60 Minutes
Aid mental wellbeing among frontline staff
60 Minutes
Donate to vetted nonprofits through Goodera

With every Goodera volunteering event, employees can choose to donate directly to our nonprofit partners and enable them to serve better.

Learn more about the flood in Libya

6,000+ people dead

30,000+ people displaced, thousands missing

Libyans are mobilising in ways unseen since at least 2011

Libya's two rival governments are trying to work together for relief

Derna is facing shortages of clean water, electricity, petrol

The floods burst two dams in the eastern coastal city and swept away homes

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