Program Launch

Catch Goodera's latest innovations in volunteering featuring new impact programs, an exciting product launch, and conversations you don't want to miss with nonprofits making the biggest impact today. Watch this season's Karma release to upgrade your employee volunteering programs for OND' 2023.

What to Expect?

Joint Program Launches with Leading Nonprofits

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Product Updates

NPO speakers

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CSR Heads
ERG heads
DEI Teams
HR leaders
Abhishek Humbad headshot
Abhishek Humbad
CEO, Goodera
Event Date
September 28, 2023
Event Time
11 AM PT
More webinars
Planning and Executing a successful Month of Service
September 7, 2023
1:00PM PT

Month of Service is a prime opportunity for companies to engage in meaningful volunteering initiatives and make a meaningful impact. A company may pick a suitable time of year to organize a month of service to bring employees across geographies together and create maximum impact in the cause areas that matter to them and speak to their values.

Maui Wildfires - How your organization can help
August 17, 2023
10 am PT

Wildfires that broke out in Maui on August 8th, caused havoc in the area. With over 100 lives lost, the Maui wildfires are proving to be the deadliest in the US in more than a century. At Goodera, our Emergency Response team partnered with nonprofits in the region to provide disaster relief. This webinar in conversation with Vivien Dude from Global Empowerment Mission, helped us understand how organizations can help victims of the Maui wildfires by volunteering to contribute to the relief efforts.